About the Website

My Real Estate Notes is…


 1.) A learning and sharing website on “everything real estate”.


It is about land, the built environment, and the lives they allow to thrive and flourish. We seek answers to questions, which it encourages to ask—the hows and whys of planning and development. It shall try to cover the entire development, sales and utilisation cycle of real estate—from how projects are conceived, drawn up, built, marketed, maintained and enjoyed. It shall tackle all types (residential, hotel and resorts, commercial, offices, industrial, and infrastructure) and related subject matters (architecture, engineering, legalities, etc.)

Contents, either in text or video shall be written, produced, directed and hosted by a seasoned real estate development executive who has worked in the top real estate development companies in the country and worked on numerous projects of most types. He is likewise a licensed broker, appraiser and civil engineer. He is a teacher, but foremost to him, a STUDENT still. Visit his LinkedIn Profile for more info on his professional and educational background: Engr. Dennis Morada


2.) A showcase of curated real estate products, as a broker, Engr. Dennis Morada, are marketing


Presented here are project descriptions, floor plans, location maps, videos, photos and 3D renders. Inquire for the updated prices, discounts, and availability of units; or set appointment for a site visit or online presentation via the message box here, an email or a phone call.


Revise Services text

Home buying, whether it be a condo or a house and lot unit, shouldn’t be complicated, confusing, and in the “New Normal,” Covid-19 hazardous. We’re here to assist you in the entire process:

  • from determining what you want and need; 
  • checking out home options; 
    • considering various factors such as location, affordability and quality
    • doing an ocular inspection or site visit (if needed)
  • making reservations;
  • complying with requirements;
  • deciding on best-suited payment terms available;
  • understanding various sales-related documents;
  • guidance on the turn-over and move-in processes;
  • learning more about the country, city or vicinity;
  • projecting financial investment gains;
  • and anything in between the above steps.