For Sale Condos and House & Lots

Home buying, whether it be a condo or a house and lot unit, shouldn’t be complicated, confusing, and in the “New Normal,” Covid-19 hazardous. We’re here to assist you in the entire process:

  • from determining what you want and need;
  • checking out home options;
    • considering various factors such as location, affordability and quality
    • doing an ocular inspection or site visit (if needed)
  • making reservations;
  • complying with requirements;
  • deciding on best-suited payment terms available;
  • understanding various sales-related documents;
  • guidance on the turn-over and move-in processes;
  • and anything in between the above steps.


Yes, send us a message on how best we can be of assistance. To start with, we have shortlisted some real estate residential projects, which we have personally inspected and evaluated. For these, we shall act us professional real estate agents; thus, the developers shall later on compensate us.