Real Estate Developer Branding Notes

real estate developer logo

Real Estate Development does not end in construction. The products need to reach the market. The market needs to know of the products real estate developers have come up with — designed and built.

As an advisor to a young and growing real estate company, I led them to come up with a refreshed logo. It is one key components of their rebranding process. It is a logo rife with meaning, representing their: 1.) new thrusts to a.) develop bigger structures, b.) create various property types and uses, and c.) target new markets; 2.) values, character and aims.

Perfectly timed to the day’s celebration of the nation’s Independence Day, I wrote that the logo shall mark and symbolize our drive for and our celebration for our “freedoms.”

Real Estate Development is beyond steel and stone. It is also about heart and spirit. Human beings are the ones for whom we design and build for. It is not just math and science, it is also art and literature. Such needs to be communicated; thus branding and marketing come essential.

Congratulations to the Rimaven Properties, Inc. for venturing forth, boldy, through this evolving new normal. Thank you for choosing to enjoy these freedoms with your customers, partners, employees and community.

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