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I am Center-Brained, meaning I can be logical, analytical and methodical; and also creative, imaginative and artistic. You may learn more about it from:, from where I borrowed this graphic here. I will not go deeper into the science of it, but if you wish to know more, follow the link suggested.

I had to state that I am so, so you would not wonder why I have poetry as part of a Real Estate Development Channel. I believe that it has helped me in my career. Imagination and creativity are vital in product conceptualisation; and in composing and forming advertising and marketing materials.

On the counter-side, mathematical skills and logic are essential in making financial decisions and in planning for the most efficient, economical, and effective ways of bringing out quality products that generate profits.

More than a decade back, I was privileged to have worked on a farm lot and nature resort project. Needless to say, we were working in the midst of awe-inspiring beauty. We had to find a name for a resort, and in most cases, ideas come in to me dream-like, in visions, early while it’s still dark, in dawn. I had to rise up and take a pen and write. I have our name and a story and a poem before the sun rose.

Read along.

The Legend of Amansinaya by Dennis Morada

Was it from a dream or from a whisper of a wind
That I first heard this story?
I thought it melancholy
Now it is just all but lovely
A goddess there was of infinite charms
Blue was the color of her hair
Deep but clear was her gaze
Her gait undulates
One is swayed and one is left as if on a trance
She hums tunes melodic
One listens and drowns
It is harmony
She is peace
She is tempest at times, but still
She is all too alluring

Too alluring was she
That the god of the heavenly skies, Kalangitan was smitten,
Struck by the bolt of lightning that was she, Amansinaya,
The lady deity of the seas
Kalangitan knelt down in profuse praise
It rained
Were they tears for this joyful hour?
That first encounter
Brought in this world’s very first showers
The very first indeed
For there were many more thereafter
The sun god, father of Amansinaya
Has seen this much too often

And much too often he got in between
Amansinaya was coy
Much as she too was,
In the first encounter overflowed,
Filled deep with admiration and
Was it already affection?
She was devotion veiled
Concealed to hide the warmth continuously growing
Persistent Kalangitan was
For his is true and pure and noble love
Wooing her meant going against the greater god
That was the sun

The sun god had seen enough
For Amansinaya is the daughter dearest to him
She has his reflection
He rises and sets for the night most pleased
When she is on his side
True it is a marvel to see father and daughter
No love could have been with more fervour
Except this love growing between the god sky and his goddess sea
That is what the sun god had seen enough of
That is what the sun god had vowed to end
And vowed he did
His vows are strictures, laws, unassailable
“Hinder now and forevermore
These trysts
These trysts shall end
And cursed be the nearness of you For you will be a vast expanse far Away from each other
High above the highest
Low below the lowest
You shall be the measure of the ends of this world”
In no instant the chasm that was space Divided the two, broken
For no being could disobey the sun god’s bidding

Was it from a dream or from a whisper of a wind
That I first heard this story?
I thought it melancholy
Then, now it is just all but lovely
Forlorn and helpless,

Kalangitan often shed his tears
Tears that would reach her eventually
Tears that would keep her hopes
Yes, for she is the cradle of infinite hopes
She is the hammock of dreamers
Wishes in deep thought and reflections she keeps
Alas, that ember, that is true love
Distance cannot douse
Amansinaya often fled
Higher and higher she ascended
It was in the mountains, in the cover of trees,
She hid
It was there she felt closest to the sky

She prayed
Yes, she prayed
For there is a higher god than her father, the sun god
That the sun god, his father, know not of
For this mightier god is unseen by eyes
Unseen by eyes, unheard, untouched, unreal to the senses
Of lesser gods
For He is the mightiest
He wills to reside in the prayerful hearts
That is home to any powerful god
Amansinaya, for her heart is pure and noble and true
The mighty god listened, took heed, and decreed
Through his mortal men and women,
His stewards,
He built for her a water kingdom
High up in the mountains
Where there was none before it
It was blessed with bountiful beauty
It was her water kingdom
It was blessed to be filled not by sadness
But only by mirth and joy and happiness
It was her water kingdom
Born of love and remembrance
A gift for peace and forgiveness

Forgiveness, yes
For Amansinaya loved her father
And knew he meant well
Her father loved but knew not how to love
Forgiven, shamed, and humbled,
He, too, prayed
The sun god knew now why he is a lesser god
For once upon a time he loved his daughter true
But loved himself so much
So unknowingly so much more
While the greater god
Greater that is he
Gives and forgives
That is love that is much so much more
In the sea kingdom
This story is retold Never to be forgotten
Was it from a dream or from a whisper of a wind
That I first heard this
story? I thought it melancholy
Then, now it is just all but lovely

The End

Real Estate Projects require both Left Brained and Right Brained team players in architects, engineers, marketers, financial experts, interior designers and business managers. The interplay among them has to be harmonic. There is so much science to orchestra music if you come to think of it. Same is true to real estate development. Its both science and art.

I am thankful, for in many cases, in my life as a real estate practitioner being center-btained has worked well for me.

Did you enjoy this video? Please comment below. Enjoying this video should mean you’re more right brained than left brained, is that right?

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