Why Live East of Metro Manila?

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There were times, too often according to the adults in our house then, that I would spend moments up above our house’s roof. That would be after school and before home works. Was life stressful then for a child? Perhaps not, but an escape, is always a treat. When you know you’ve left the noise and commotion down beneath you, then you’ve climbed up a throne, ruling over what is a calming peace — that is the vistas of faraway things and the boundless heavens.

The Sky is all of a sudden, your subject, painting you a masterpiece — that is the sunset.

A leaking roof soon enough ended my rooftop sojourns; but it planted in me a dream to have a home where there is a rooftop view—my peek at life in heaven from my very own haven.

Fast forward to 25 years, and I often find myself mountain biking up the slopes of San Mateo. I do it because — one, for exercise, and two, for my escape. Catching one’s breath while taking in the breathtaking views, is the crowning moment of the ride.

I have a favorite spot up there from where I took most of the footages you see here. It’s in a village called Amiya Raya. I don’t work for them, but once upon a time, I did. They were a client of ours and I helped come up with the name and the logo. “Delightful views” is what Amiya Raya means in Sanskrit, and how apt!

Upon arriving home from my recent ride, I decided to create content for this channel, MyRealEstateNotes. What real estate lessons can I share? I did some desktop research a.k.a. Google research, and drew from my own personal experience and insights.

I’d like to answer the question, “Why will I consider living here—in the East of Metro Manila, and up the slopes?

Reasons to Live Out East of Metro Manila

  1. It’s not far as I thought: within 30 minutes or so, U.P, Miriam College and the Ateneo can be reached. Quezon City and its CBDs are well within an hour of travel time too. Traffic from time to time varies, but a good starting point of checking out distances and travel time is Google. Let’s check.
  2. Related to No. 1, is the improving infrastructure, which bodes well for the site. C6 is by the doorsteps. MRT7 will be finished soon, and accessibility to the West and North will be improved. There’s the R7 Expressway, which will also connect QC to Manila. Heading eastwards from the CBDs is less costly, not only because of saved fuel costs but also because there are no toll fees to be charged.

Accessibility and Infra Projects are also available in other residential area options like in the South, but what set this area apart from the rest are the following:

  1. Closeness to nature, that is evident in the green vistas. There are scientific researches on why people are naturally drawn to beautiful verdant sceneries. A hypothesis states that our pre-historic ancestors favoured resource-rich environments. Green is akin to survival. The human brain is wired to find comfort in seeing trees, grass, and leaves. Have you heard of “biophilic design”? Another set of studies point to the health and wellness benefit of having nature surrounding us. It is inherent to humans to connect to nature, not just for survival, but also for fulfilment.
  2. Elevated view of the world. Again, Evolutionary Psychology has some answers. Dr. Sally Augustin, PhD, an environmental psychologist, cites the following. One, there is security in being out of reach of most predators, where one can scope and think of ways to act accordingly. Two, altitude is linked with higher stature or power and importance. Three, heights are seen as more desirable and deemed more expensive. One up above has more privacy and control over his/her experiences. Noise is muted up above, and unsightliness, for example of slums, are diminished in smaller scale.
  3. Developments in the East of Metro Manila are younger than those in the South; hence, there’s less congestion, and prices are less steep.

Homes are supposed to provide peace, comfort, and security. It should be a haven of well-being and a throne of fulfilment. All grown up, I may not need to climb roofs to see marvellous sights. How about having a rooftop view with the roof on top of my head?


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

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