Home Option 1: House and Lot

house and lot

What should I buy: a condo or a house and lot?

The answer lies with the one who asks. The decision is personal as each one has different preferences, needs, tastes, purchasing power, family size, and lifestyle. I, however, shall provide the criteria and factors one has to weigh and consider.

house and lot 2 storeys
2-Storey House with 2 Bedrooms, 2 T&Bs, and a carport

We’ll present several projects in the future, representing both types of homes or residential options. For now, I’ll present a house and lot example. This is one among still many types of horizontal projects. The real estate industry has classified and categorised them in terms of physical form, market segment, governing development law, type of finish, etc.

It is, however, really best to discuss these with a specific project as the subject, and that’s what we’ll do here.

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This house is ideal for a small family and most likely for a first home. The lot is 54 square meters in area, and the house is 86 square meters in floor area.

ground floor of the house
The ground floor consists of the living, dining, kitchen, T&B, and wash area
Bedrooms with cabinets built in. Aluminum awning windows. Ceramic tiles on floors. Painted walls and ceilings.
house's window view
Sample view from the window

Village Amenities and Facilities

  • clubhouse
  • swimming pool
  • tennis court
  • basketball court
  • parks and playground
  • gate and guardhouse
  • perimeter fence
  • elevated water tank & power lines
  • cemented sidewalks with promenade trees
  • cemented curbs and gutter
  • storm drainage system

Most of the above amenities and facilities are also available in many condominium. The variety and quality of offerings, it should be noted, is related to the value of the property.

Since it is a managed subdivision, homeowners are required to contribute to the upkeep of the village via the monthly homeowner’s dues. This is much like the condominium dues in a vertical development.

House and Lot Location

The house and lot is located within the Greenridge Executive Village in Binangonan, Rizal.

It is about an hour’s drive to the major CBDs (commercial and business district or central business district), like Makati City, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and the Ortigas Center in Pasig City.

map to Ortigas Center from Greenridge
From Greenridge Subdivision to Ortigas Center
map from Greenridge to Makati Business District
Greenridge Subdivision to Makati Business District
Greenridge Executive Village to BGC
Greenridge Subdivision to BGC

Other Items for Comparison

The house and lot is covered by a TCT or Transfer Certificate of Title as proof of one’s ownership. For the condominium, it CCT or Condominium Certificate of Title. The differences between the 2 types of titles will be a subject of a future article and video.

The parking slot, is normally purchased separately if one is buying a condo unit. Other condo development projects, the higher end ones, package the condo unit with parking slots. Of course, the price is tucked in already. For house and lot development projects, parking spaces are usually provided and part of the purchase price already.

The house and lot provides extra lot space for gardens, play area, and other family activities–and they are all within one’s own backyard. For condominium while common open activity areas are provided, they are commonly owned by all condominium unit owners and thus, shared with everyone else.

Most house and lot subdivisions allow pets. There are just rules on letting them roam around freely in the village. For condominium, it is rare that they allow pets within the residential units.

This sample project is only an hour away from the CBDs as mentioned, but other horizontal residential projects are farther off (2 hours or even more away). Why? It is because land is expensive. Land is finite. It is a privilege to own a piece of land.

One should also consider having closer proximity to neighbors. Others are put off by hearing sounds and smelling dishes from the adjacent condo units.

Peace of Mind Considerations

Still another compelling reason why people prefer the horizontal residential option is because of the fear for earthquakes. While real estate developers have been more keen and compliant to Building Code standards and key structural engineering limits, applying building technologies making vertical developments more earthquake-ready, some people are still concerned and wary. Evacuations will require them to go down sometimes even 40 storeys worth of stairs. Earthquake drills have allowed them to experience such challenges.

On the other hand, some move to vertical housing developments because of bad experience due to flooding. Most horizontal residential projects lie in low areas. In this particular example, though, the subdivision is elevated.

There are several other items to consider. Can you share some? Have you tried living in either or both? Please share. Let’s learn together.


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

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