Awe-Inspired of the Real Estate Development I Saw in Singapore

singapore real estate

Real Estate Development in Singapore.

real estate development
Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands

I remember this is the very first country I visited. Needless to say, that visit was memorable. Since, I have been back many times. There are places you just want to visit again and again.

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One reason of my returns is food. There are a lot of dishes you want to taste and savor again, like Chili Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Cereal Prawns, Laksa, Roti Prata, and Kaya Toast with Kopi-e. Singapore is just a foodie haven! isn’t about food, though. It is about real estate development. I, however, realized one can better appreciate and understand architecture; and the built environment while pondering about food.

What can be more appetizing, satisfying and filling than food in Singapore!

Part 1 – Introduction to MyRealEstate Notes

In this channel, MyRealEstateNotes, I learn and you learn with me… about real estate—not just about sales and marketing, but also how they, the Real Estate products, come about…how projects are conceived…how they are built … the aesthetics of architecture, landscapes, interiors, … the ingenuity, innovativeness, and grit and determination of engineers as they plan and build…We’d learn about the inspirations and the objectives that these project proponents, planners and builders have. We’d also learn about the challenges that they faced, and how they overcame them.

Real Estate is more exciting and interesting than one perceives it to be. I should know because I am more than 2 decades in the profession. It is therefore easy for me as it is also my passion. Designing and building are my passions.

So come with me as we walk around Singapore; and take notes.

Part 2 – Views of Marina Bay Sands from the Merlion

I intentionally woke up early to catch the magnificence of the sunrise… Here you see it, beautifully serving as a majestic backdrop / to these architectural icons. What a sight! …Why is it that in moments like this, Time seems to move too fast. I wish it would slow down. One wishes to relish or enjoy great sceneries as long one can. I can linger some more. It’s the same with good food, right? We relish, we savor, and let them linger in our mouths longer. The sight, the smell and the taste of good food excites and stimulates the senses. Food is not just fuel and sustenance anymore. It does more than satiate hunger. Good design or architecture is similar. Food more than satisfies. It stirs the soul; and reaches out and somehow communicates. One has to pause to look, appreciate and imbibe the sights.

Buildings, architecture, and developed spaces are not mere objects to see … as food is to be merely swallowed or ingested.

As I look at them, they speak to me of stories, … whispering about the “hows” and “whys” of their existence. They speak about the culture, the history and diversity of this small but great nation. They prod my mind to ask questions and think up or imagine answers to those questions.

My Guesses

Was that structure there inspired by a “receiving hand” or by a “bunch of bananas” (Singapore is in the Tropics) or by “water lilies or the lotus”? Taking inspiration from objects that as a people, the Singaporeans, place much importance to, is a way of paying homage to those things that make them who they are, distinctive and special; those things that are relatable and identify or point to what or where home is.

I see three colossal towers reaching up the sky. It seems to be a picture of people cradling up a large boat. I take that vision to signify Singapore’s lofty aspirations to grow and reach further heights. And like in Noah’s Ark, in that boat-like structure above, they, consisting of diverse people (the Malays, Chinese, Indians) shall journey together towards their desired destination.

This is from my own set of spectacles, through my own lenses. How about you? What do you see?

One’s appreciation of architecture like all art may vary from one beholder to the other; there’s inherent subjectivity in how we look at them. We’re all different. Our lenses are colored by our very own unique and personal experiences.

Part 3 – Jogging and Walking Towards Marina Bay Sands (one minute)

I walked and even jogged around, as I imagined some locals would do; somehow getting a feel of how to live in this ultra-modern, cosmopolitan first world city. I breathe in the beauty and the fresh air. The city has trees and gardens all around. I exhale with awe and wonder and inspiration.

I got home and did my research about what I saw, and took notes—both from books and the Internet.

In my next post and video, I’ll share what I learned.

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